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KM 6 PACK Small Groups

Its more than just a workout!


KM 6 PACK offers individuals to enjoy new challenges, new goals and new ventures in their fitness journey.


KM 6 PACK is a small group class that involves a combination of weights, resistance bands, plyometrics, TRX and flexibility that will give you the results that you're looking for. 


Individuals have the choice to participate in 1 or 2 group sessions/week and are encouraged to complete the assigned workouts when they aren't with the group. All assigned workouts will be given to members through an online app.

*All members will receive 30% off online app once registered!



KM 6PACK Small Group Schedule:

Edmonton Classes 

Coming in Fall 2024

Client Testimonial

"I have nothing but praise to give when it comes to Katelynn's expertise as a trainer!  Katelynn's program allows for optimal muscle development in a specific manner, allowing proper rest day and recovery for muscle groups that we just finished exhausting.  I love her method!  Working out in a small group with Katelynn has been exactly what I needed in my pregnancy - I feel stronger, more mentally alert, and have been able to combat all the common pregnancy symptoms as I progressed into my third trimester.  I started my training with her prior to my pregnancy, so she knew my capabilities and strength pre-pregnancy, and knew how to appropriately coach me to train SAFELY as hormones took over my body and my belly grew.  Sometimes that meant encouraging me to take a modification or slowing down a movement, which she knows is against my natural tendency, but I know she has helped to prevent injury as my body is changing (which was one of my goals)!  In truth, she helped me achieve all my goals; I have increased strength and tone in both my lower and upper body (yay triceps!), and have kept my core stable and mobile in a safe way.  More importantly, I've managed to maintain positive body talk as I watch my body go through all these crazy pregnancy changes.  Thanks for everything Katelynn!"

Client Testimonial

"KM 6PACK training is a GAME CHANGER. I used to do studio group fitness classes but eventually they weren’t challenging enough and I would settle for equipment and weights that didn’t challenge me. Once I started to train with Katelynn, I quickly started to see my body change and get stronger each week. Katelyn keeps the exercises interesting, challenging and exciting! Not only that, I’ve met some of the most bad ass chicks that push me harder each week to be stronger! This year I was diagnosed with MS and during my worst, I experienced symptoms  such as loss of balance, lack of coordination,  loss of strength on my dominant side, visual disturbances, numbness and mental fog. Katelyn modified all my workouts so I was able to train to my comfort level and work on my balance. I can now say that with dietary changes and a rigorous workout routine my symptoms have been alleviated and I have never been stronger. Working out has been a huge component of my recovery and remission physically and mentally."

Client Testimonial

 "I used to work out at local gyms with large group training programs. I felt as though with that type of format, I wasn't really getting the workout I needed to bring me to the next level. With KM 6PACK Small Group Training sessions, Katelynn is able to spend more time with us individually, and give us further one-on-one instruction & more specific strength training exercises which have 100% helped to advance my workouts and overall strength." ​

Client Testimonial

"I have been working out at the gym and was finding that I wasn’t as motivated and wanted to try something else. I met Katelynn at a former studio she was training at and started training with her on a personal level. She is a hard ass but so good at ensuring I have proper form, and motivating me to push harder. I have noticed changes in my body, my mood is better and I feel stronger! She is someone who is an integral part of my life and a great trainer!"

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