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Nutritional Coaching

Tired of trying the same old fade diet or counting calories? Feeling fatigue, irritable, anxious or constantly bloated?


It's time to look deeper into your current lifestyle and diet to determine the effect it has on your body and fitness routine. Nutrition plays a huge role when reaching your goals. Everyone is different whether it be the type of foods they eat or the type of goal they're setting. Its my goal to understand your body's needs and fuel it for energy, body composition and health. While taking in account your current lifestyle.

KM Fitness develops meal plans that promote healthy metabolism, good immune response and a healthy body weight. When developing nutrition habits I take into account, who you are and what it is you're looking for. No nutrition program is a quick fix, it will require commitment and patience from your end. Trusting that the process of changing your nutritional habits will have a positive outcome compared to fad dieting.

The best part of it all is that at the end of us working together you will have learned a lot about nutrition - including macros, meal timing, environment, recipes and mindset.With macro based nutrition you’re going to get to a point where you can enjoy life knowing you are eating the right amount to fuel your body for success and not have to count calories.

Every plan is a personalized journey. Based off your goals, KM plan’s set up your environment for success. By ensuring that your consuming the right amount of macro-nutrients within a day, which would consist of evaluating your protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat intake. Allowing you to understand the right amount of portions that your body needs to in order to reach your goals in a healthy and positive environment.

  • You will also receive and initial introduction email.

  • You will start developing your habits based on your goals - generally 1 habit a week.

  • 24/7 access to ask questions to your coach via email and text.


  • Nutrition plans are based off flexible dieting.
    - Meal plans are based off your goals and how many macros (protein/carbs/fats) you need to reach those goals.


  • You will receive a new meal plan every 2 weeks!
    - This way you don't get sick of you're food options and are able to start developing a lifestyle change instead of going on a strict diet that only last for a few months.


  • Check ins every Sunday.
    - Weight, measurements, how the week went, struggles and goals achieve


  • Daily communication/ coaching available.
    - Highly encouraged

Client Testiominal

"The best thing about this plan for me has been the growing understanding of what I need (more protein than I'd thought), that it keeps me satisfied and I feel very balanced throughout the day. I never feel bloated, I get enough natural sugar and grains to never feel any cravings for those and it is a plan that is quite easy to use as a guide for the future as there is nothing particularly restrictive. When I have eaten off the diet at someone's house, I know how to adjust slightly with the following meal, knowing generally what macros I ate more of, and just tweaking things for a day. I am  satisfied with the pace of my body's transformation and it is encouraging that I can enjoy the benefits of my hard training by being leaner (in love with my arms). I haven't been this weight in 30 years and I'm actually stronger than I was then! I go toward my 55th birthday (next week) feeling very healthy." 

Client Testimonial

"Before joining Katelynn I was unhappy with the way I looked. I would talk to my doctor about it and he just said, that is normal for having 2 kids. He was never concerned because I was healthy on the inside. I also had a fear of my kids being stronger than me, which was already happening and they are only 4 and 6. I couldn’t carry them for more than a minute. I reached out to Katelynn, and told her what I was looking for, I had a long list... I don’t eat meat, I need a year long program, and so much more. Working with Katelynn for the past 9 months has been so amazing! Meals have been easier, as she plans them all. I’ve learned new healthy meal and snack ideas for my family (added bonus), my confidence levels have skyrocketed.
Thank you for everything you have done Katelynn!"

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