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Benefits of KM 6PACK Small Groups

KM 6PACK offers individuals to enjoy new challenges, new goals and new ventures in their fitness journey.

Every session is a total of 8 weeks where each individual is supplied with 3 strength workouts (usually 1 workout on their own) throughout the week and are highly encouraged to complete 1 cardio & 1 yoga class per week.

It’s not just a class you come to for the workout and leave. KM 6PACK offers the following benefits:

1. Motivation: one of the most important aspects of training. Not only for you to show up but for you to perform at your best ability. There isn’t one class that isn’t about myself or the participants encouraging each others to push past their comfort zone and perform to their best ability.

2. Accountability: Holds you accountable for showing up and performing the recommended homework for optimal results.

3. Fun & Community: every workout is new and challenging while building a community. Participants come to work hard but they also have fun doing it. Working out with the same peers for 8 weeks allows you to develop friendships and enjoyment.


4. Education & Focus: every workout is focused on certain muscle groups. This structure helps you stay on track while working out, providing you with optimal results. It stops you from working the same muscle to much/ overtraining and shows how to balance your workouts throughout the week.

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