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Hello KM Friends,

I often get asked, what supplements should I be taking when working out. This topic I believe is very specific for each individual client. So I thought I would share what my supplement routine looks like when working out. Aside from my daily essentials:

• Probiotic

• Multi-vitamin.

• Vitamin C & D.

I make sure that I’m supplementing my body right before, during and after a workout.



A) ISO 100: Where do I even begin with how delicious this protein powder is whether it’s in a smoothie or just in water after my workout. Not only does it have a great taste, it’s a hydrolyzed protein source that ensures fast digestion & absorption. Every serving contains 120 cals, 25g of protein and less than 0.5g of lactose which is great for all you lactose intolerant peeps! As well it’s gluten free!



B) CytoGreens: I have this after my workout as well. CytoGreens increase the ability for the body to move lactic acid out of the muscle which reduces muscle soreness. As well helps you get your servings of dark leafy greens because sometimes we lack the amount of greens we consume in a day!

-Full of antioxidants & Helps with liver/ immune support!




C) Hydramino EAA’s: I use this amino acid supplement during my workouts. It contains 8g EAA’s (essential amino acids) and 7g of BCAA’s to maximize performance & optimize protein synthesis.

- It also contains 3g of glutamine which aids in muscle recovery and digestive health.

- Contains electrolytes to help keep you hydrated throughout your workout! .


These 3 products are what helps me supplement my daily routine to make sure that I'm getting the optimal results from training. There are no fat burners here! Supplements should always be adding to what your eat and do on a daily basis and should never be harmful to your body. We want to ADD to out body's needs not HARM our bodies when it comes to supplements!

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