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Pulling Your Weight: How to help you reach that unassisted pull up/ chin up


KM Friends,

Before we can fully perform a unassisted chin up or pull up we have to understand the fundamentals behind it.


#1. You need to know HOW to engage your back muscles!!

- The increase in cell phones and computer use has caused our generations posture to become extremely bad, making it hard for one to engage their back.

KEY POINT: Shoulders need to be rolled back and there needs to be scapular retraction when pulling to fully allow the back to engage!!

Not knowing how to engage the back triggers your biceps to do all the work and let’s be honest, your biceps are just a small piece on what’s going to help you pull yourself up. So without that back engagement you will be stuck at a dead end.


#2. Start every workout with a dynamic warm up and back activation exercises.

- you need to actively warm up the back to get those muscle fibres firing before you start to lift weight or perform a pull up.


* Band pull throughs.

- making sure you’re activating your lats not your triceps. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see.

* Band rows.

* Band pull apart’s.

* Dynamic W stretch (squeezing the shoulder blades).

* Hanging Scapular retractions.


#3. Performing exercises that’s help strengthen the back muscles with the RIGHT FORM:

Just a few examples:

• Single Arm Wide to Inverted Row.

• Bent Over Barbell Row.

• Narrow & Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns.

• TRX Rows (Inverted, High, and Narrow)

• Assisted Chin Ups/ Pull Ups.

Continue to follow the these steps and see how your progress moves in the right direction.

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